Ahead of the Curve LLC.

Helping your children get "ahead of the curve"

Welcome to Ahead of the Curve Child Development and Learning Center!

Ahead of the Curve LLC. is conveniently located right off of Coxcomb Hill at 122 Kerr Rd. Plum Borough, Pa. 15239.

We are open Monday-Friday from 6:30a.m.-6:00p.m.

We are licensed by the Department of Public Welfare.

We are affiliated with the Keystone Stars program.

Pre-K, Preschool and Toddlers will follow a daily "school schedule". Each infant will follow his/her own schedule provided by the parent. 

Every month you will receive a calendar, which follows a curriculum, along with a parent letter. These calendars should be used as a reference for activities, projects and any upcoming events for your child's classroom. Monthly activities are designed to provide educational and fun experiences for all of our children. We plan to teach your children not only through basic numbers, colors, shapes and letters, etc., but through science, art, music and imagination! Your child’s class will spend 30 minutes a day in each of these areas


Our teachers will focus on science lessons and experiments. Resources included are: a light table with x-rays and color blocks, the moon pillow, rocks, sea shells, and much more! 


Your child will participate in dramatic play and gross motor activities. Resources in this room include: a puppet stage with puppets, a play kitchen, dress up, baby dolls and lots of other super fun things!

We assess each child 3 times a year to see their progress. Your child’s teacher will go over these assessments with you after completion. As a parent you have the right to access their assessments at any time.

We are currently